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    Thank you Wang Han for perfectly reforming the entire core thought light sphere, the type of existence that far exceeds the quality of his core thought light sphere, even in the case of only one soul outline, also had such a direct start. body condensation, but this is the true genius in Vuong Han's perception, a genius completely dependent on perfection! Of course, Vuong Han will not only let this core thinking light sphere complete the fusion and repair work himself, making sure that everything is okay, waiting for everything to be done according to the formula. , he began to accelerate the fusion. the whole body, and the whole time It lasted for one day, and Wang Han directly gave the child the most powerful body he could control, this was the body he had experienced after countless number of repetitions, this body is naturally strong and can protect the child for a long period of time undisturbed by surrounding dangers.

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    What I'm showing you here is just the general situation of the thought ball of light, it's just a model, okay? If the ball of thought light really emitted such hot eyes, the hair on your body would still be white, right? Isn't that a brightly colored disco dog? Wang Han looked at Dai'er speechlessly, and Dai'er was enjoying it, and she couldn't help herself when she saw the thing in Wang Han's hand, so beautiful. Han here reminded, "These colored blocks appear appearing on the surface of the thinking light sphere, can be directly reflected inside the illusory light sphere. The memories thus correspond to the thinking light sphere inside, becoming fragments that can be played with." one by one. . ”

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    Sometimes I don't think too much about things, but when I thought that Vuong Han could return to Nhan Tu Hai to check the situation, he couldn't help but say: "Anyway, I don't have anything to do now, otherwise I would go with him." Lan Let Ning Wanghan go to the human state and district together? At least you know what good things the other side will do?... Well, maybe I shouldn't call this guy Lanning Wanghan for now Time, because he is not a member of the Lanning family at all, just an existence that appeared in Tu Hai, it is impossible for the Lanning family to have such a terrifying character, so could he have a motive? What's the secret with those people in Tu Hai? Relationship? If that's the case, I also need to know in advance, anyway, I have no way to enter Tu Hai to see what the situation is like! "

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    Dai'er covered his mouth, thinking: "This guy really knows how to pretend to be a garlic! Wasn't this guy just a garlic in his previous life?!"

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    After entering this underground research institute, Dai'er couldn't bear it anymore, "I still had questions to ask you just now, but why don't you directly agree with me, as if you want Quickly leave this place Look."

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    Just as I was chatting with the young lady in front, the person behind me directly picked up the other person's ashes.

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    Vuong Han could not imagine the situation at that time. What he was facing now was no longer a petty personal dispute. He would directly destroy the world at any time. Who could stand it? He was also extremely surprised, looking around at a white fog of Void Origin quality, "But in fact the problem should not be big, even though the Void Sea looks very large at this time, But it can only be compared with human nations and counties." Just that, let alone compared to the entire world in terms of original quality, Tu Hai at this time is not the kind of existence that defies the sky in the district and district alliance, and its scale is still very small . a lot of source quality will be possible. It will be easier to get rid of these things.”

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    Of course, Vuong Han was not idle on the train. There were many people from the province and district on the train. Vuong Han was still at the core of his thinking, observing the people of the province and district, slowly accumulating samples. things, constantly thinking, and trying to create a reliable existence directly one day earlier. Just like that, the time on the train passed very quickly. Before Vuong Han practiced a famous move, the blood clan and district had already arrived. Unlike other states and districts, there would be many people getting off the train to participate. officials, except for Wang Han, who got off the train alone, there were no passengers getting off the interstellar train in this blood state and county, so the whole train stopped on the empty and narrow platform, suitable Matching the red weather, the whole atmosphere can be said to be full of eerie instantly.

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    “If we were born to live in sand, and all we did every day was randomly pile up sand into strange shapes, then after we die, the total amount of sand would certainly not be becomes a problem, like a fish in water. Fish are born in water and die in water. They will never say that they took anything away from their lives. Of course, it is endless. But if we are on the banks of a river full of sand, we constantly take sand from the river of sand, and completely fix it and never give it back, then no matter how much sand there is, it will one day be there. that's used up." Dai'er gestured to the surrounding fire next to Wang Han. Red Sky, "Don don't you see the source everywhere? We are to the source like fish are to the water. We can only play with these things at the source. After we die, isn't the essence that makes up our bodies returned? directly to the quality of the source, how can the quality of the source be used cleanly?

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    So in this world there are only two states. One state is instant death, the other is immortality. There is no third state of slow death. And if you really hate someone, but if you don't want to take this person's body, then you can cut off his head, then dip this head directly into some kind of mud, then he will fall into a state of absolute helplessness, his soul will be destroyed, he will suffer a lot, but he will not die anyway! This has descended into an extremely tragic situation... well... Of course, it's really not that kind of tragic hatred. I suggest you take the same action, because after you have done this once, I believe you too can understand the tragic negative effects brought about by mood swings.

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    “Having money means having transactions, having transactions means having a system, having a system means having people, so I can keep this bag of money, find a place to use this bag of money in the future, can keep everything I bought some things I need, and at this moment, I can basically judge that even if the world was destroyed and became like this, the world This still has some very sound underlying economic systems. Chongzi also said that they initially planned to sell the eyeballs directly."

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    There is no problem with the Stone of Life, and there is also no problem with the Thinking Light Ball in the Stone of Life. I have sifted through the whole thing, it took a few days, but it didn't work. This seems like we understand. It's the same, so simple, nothing too complicated." , it seems that this Void Beast has quite good luck, in the past two days it can't be said that it fell from the sky, except that it was blown away a bit. half of the tail, Vuong Han did not discover anything, which surprised him for several days.

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    Then that's enough. Vuong Han glanced at the time, "Time is terrible, three hundred million years have passed, many places on my wrist have begun to hurt, this is clearly much better than before, what a pity. " It's a pity that she didn't find this solution in time. Otherwise, when her memories were scattered, it wouldn't have been awkward. I can deeply understand how helpless she was when she saw her memories disappear. same suffering."

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    “Am I still alive?” Vuong Han opened his eyes, his world lost a lot of color.

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    What Lanning Situ said did not contain any elements of deception, Wang Han could be completely sure of this, but after confirming it, he felt even more puzzled, and said: "What I learned the same as what you learned. Everything is different, when I left the virtual beast breeding cabin, the virtual beast breeding cabin a-3... well, if I remember correctly, that was the cabin raised an illusionary beast a-3, and it told me frankly, I said a lot. Moreover, in my eyes at that time, you must have known the logic of all this, otherwise it would be impossible to let it be an illusion. The beast breeding chamber operates so perfectly that it can continuously give birth to such virtual beasts."

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    "Is this also because the void beast fell from the sky, leading to an abandoned city?" Vuong Han added.